Saturday, January 17, 2009

Follow up

I just wanted to share the email I sent to this friend last night and the response I got.

Here is what I wrote:

January 16 at 8:05pm

Hey! Don't call me tonight when you get this message b/c I'll be going to bed at about 8:30. I hope you had a good time and got home safely. I am so sorry I couldn't come out w/ you tonight. I hope you understand. No one understands unless they are in my situation but it really sucks to have your entire life revolve around one thing. I hope someday I adjust to it but its been 7 months of my life already and I am still not adjusted. Every Monday, Wed., and Friday it is what I think about almost all day. On Tues., Thurs., Sat., and Sun., I feel like I need to do something fun and crazy because I don't need to do my shot. It really sucks! I'm sure I could have come out and not drank but it's just not fun when everyone else is doing it. Sorry to blab but I am having a hard time again. It just made me sad when you told me you would be mad at me if I didn't come out. I am sorry. Call me sometime tomorrow. Can you do something next Sat. night? A small girl's night?Let me know b/c if you can maybe I won't go out tomorrow night.

Here is her response (remember she is drunk so it's a bit tricky to read):

January 16 at 11:25pm

yes, we will get together tomorrow night. I forgot it was a a friday and what they meant to you. I didn't mean it when I said I would be mad at you-it would take much more than you not coming to drink with me. I forget what it is like to have one as little as asa at home and I have not idea what it is like to deal with the shots. You are an incredible mother and i would never be mad for you choosing to stay home. My only concern is that i have been there and know how important being with adults and friends is. You put your self last all the time and I hope you and Tim realize all that you are doing to make sure Asa has the best availale to him. Let's make it a plan for next sat. at st. charles. Talk to you tomorrow/

I still haven't heard from her yet today. I need to not let her drunkinness be an excuse for her comments on the phone last night.

Today I am thankful for the choice I made last night.

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