Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's been awhile

Sorry I have been away for so long. In my free time I have been enjoying some books. I've preferred to use my free time reading rather than blogging. I also feel like I have so much to write about and don't have the energy. I've also been reading about 4 other blogs each day and that too takes time. Also, I've been getting ready to head back to work after almost 16 months. I'm getting very anxious about it. My friends tell me I am a veteran teacher and it will be like riding a bike. Well, the last time I rode a bike things didn't go so smoothly and I haven't done it since. I need to have a better attitude about the whole thing. I've been sending my son to daycare to help us all get adjusted to the big change that is going to hit us. Next week he will go everyday and I will head to my classroom to prep for the beginning of the year. People have no idea the amount of work that needs to get done to start a school year. I just hope the stress won't affect my MS. I'm also a bit nervous b/c at the end of this month I'm going to stop taking my Rebif in hopes to get pregnant again. I was so worried about working while taking Rebif b/c sometime the side effects hit me hard the next day. I didn't realize I wouldn't be on Rebif so I guess that is one less worry.

I will do my best to write again soon. I know once teaching starts I probably won't be blogging much, doing facebook or much of anything fun. Although I did tell my husband to please make sure he still sees me reading for enjoyment. I do need some down time at night b/f going to bed.

Today I am grateful that my sons daycare is closed so we can spend a lot of time together this week.

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Lisa Emrich said...

Hi Heather,

It sounds like things are going well for you. What a great idea to get your son acclimated to daycare before the school year starts. And good luck with getting pregnant again.

Hope the school year gets off to a good start. :)