Friday, May 1, 2009

Support Group

I live in a small town. There are MS support groups both north and south of me about an hour away. I'm really not willing to travel there. I wish there were something in my town. I've thought about starting a group but am not up to it right now. I also want to go to a support group that is supportive and positive and not just a bunch of people of complaining. I go to counseling once a week for a whole other reason but during these times talk of MS has come up. I guess sometimes I look at that as support. I just would like to meet with other people who have MS in my town. Any ideas or thoughts?

Today I am thankful for my wonderful husband.


Lisa Emrich said...

Would it be possible to approach your neurologist about establishing a support group, or at least making it known that others with MS might be interested in such a group? Then maybe contact any other neurologists in the area for the same.

Heather said...

Lisa- I like your idea! Thanks! I'll have to remember to bring it up with my neuro the next time I visit.