Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My sister

First, I need to say my midwife hasn't called me back yet. If she does now (6:30 pm) I probably won't answer since I've had a few glasses of wine and would not be able to explain myself the best I'd like to.

Anyhow, let me start by saying that my sister lives 8 hours away from me. I don't see her that often. Since my MS diagnosis and my new baby we have become closer than ever. She was a huge help during the birth of my son and she probably never knew she would get to see so much of her sister that day. My sister is my best friend. I see her as more of my best friend than my sister. She is the first person I would call for anything (even over my parents). She calls me every morning when she is driving to work. We only talk for about 5 min. but I look forward to her call each morning. She also works at a computer all day so I can send her an email and usually get an immediate response. Well, she is away on a trip this week and none of these things are happening. She didn't call this morning (because she was flying) and I didn't send any emails to her or did I get any from her. I have to say it was a stinky day and something was really missing. I miss my sister so much and wished we lived closer (I could do a 2-3 hour drive.) She lives in Portland, ME and is extremely happy with the life she has there. If she is happy I am happy for her. She loves her husband, dogs, cats, job (not too many people even like their job), new apartment, she's making new friends, and the ocean. She needs to stay there and I know this. Maine is home for her. If she were to move back this way I know she would not be happy. I just miss her. I know my husband and I aren't completely settled (even though we bought a new home only 2 years ago and hate it) but I don't know if we'd ever go that far away. I just wish my sister and I could see each other more often. She came to visit over the summer and stayed with my husband and I. She usually stays with my parents but wanted to stay with us so she could get as much of baby Asa as possible. It was great for her to see what we do each day. We had such a nice time together but I think that trip made me miss her more. She is planning to come for another visit sometime in January and I am SO happy. I can't wait to see her. I just wish we could run together or enjoy a glass of wine. Even though the visits are so far apart we treasure every minute we have with her.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Sorry to ramble. I hope this all makes sense. Mama needed some wine tonight.

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Lanette said...

That's great that you are really close with your sister. I have 2 sisters that I am close with, though we do not talk everyday - I go visit them several times a year - we are 13 hours away.

I wonder what the weather is like in Portland, ME...we are thinking of moving north for cooler weather...