Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I have such a wonderful bunch of friends and I am so thankful for them. Tonight I have a friend coming over to watch my husband give me my shot (I can't reach the spot.) because my husband will not be home the next night the shot needs to go in this area. I am so thankful to have this friend who is willing to do this for me. She is a wonderful friend. I chose her because she only lives 3 miles away and she has given an uncle insulin shots before. I feel much better having a friend do this who has done things with needles before. It just makes me really sad to have to have her to this to me. I know she doesn't mind it's just really hard for me. I have already cried to my husband about this. I am so thankful for him too.

New topic: My baby could do me the favor of sleeping better at night. I am getting so tired and getting up at 5 or 5:30 in the morning and staying up is killing me. I am getting really tired and exhausted. I wish he knew that on my shots nights I really would like to get a good nights sleep. I try telling him but he doesn't listen. I tell him mommy would be a lot more fun the next day if she got a better nights sleep. I'm also feeling dizzy and light headed but I will blame this on the tiredness and not the MS.

I was really frustrated today because I was feeling very tired and overwhelmed. I was just wishing someone could come sit and play with Asa for an hour while I did chores around the house. When my house is dirty I tend to get grumpy. So, I called my mom who has Wed. and Fri. off and asked for help. She couldn't come because she a list of chores to do herself. I was so proud that I called and asked for help but so disappointed she couldn't help. (There is so much more to this story.) Her solution was to put my baby in his pack and play and do chores. No thanks. Grrr.

I still haven't called my neurologist about my feelings of sadness and anger. The days just seem to slip away. I want to make sure if it's the side effects of Rebif or just my feelings of being overwhelmed.


Weeble Girl said...

Please call your doctor and ask what he/she thinks. Babies are overwhelming, MS is overwhelming, and Rebif can hit you like a big ole truck doing 75 in a 55.

I beg you to just call and see what they say. I have so many of the same issues in my own way.

I would suggest trying to use your Rebiject to hit those odd places. After a while of daily Copaxone for almost 2 years and then Rebif off an on, I could do the shots manually in every place. Some were difficult but it made me feel stronger knowing that I could do it all by myself.

It's still cool that hubby and your friend can help out. Be kind to yourself,


Yes, Babies overwhelming, MS overwhelming, messy house overwhelming.

Call the doctor. Could be MS, could be Rebif, could even be postpartum. Then mix it all up - and WHAM!!!

I hope that Asa starts to sleep longer too. That would be very considerate of him. Give him a big kiss. k?


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Lanette said...

Hi Heather:

I just started Rebif 2 weeks ago. The titration pack. The first 2 weeks on 8mcg went fine but once I jumped up to 22mcg my anxiety was out of control! It was so bad I almost went to the ER and I was having unexplained dizziness and my core body temp was always higher. Also when I did the shot my entire body had a hot feeling come over it.

I called MS Lifelines (1-877-447-3243) and spoke with a nurse there telling me that 60% of people have such reactions while taking Rebif.

I then called my Neuro who I am playing phone tag with but basically told him Rebif is not for me. I've been on other MS drugs before that had MUCH less side effects. He insists Rebif will help with my spinal MS more than the others, but, until I do more research - NO REBIF for me. It may literally drive me insane - you should have seen how anxious and nuts I got for days after the shot. I posted about it on my blog last week.

Anyway, all this to say call MS Lifelines and then your Neuro and make sure you explore all your options for controlling your MS. I know I am now.

That's great that you have a great hubby and friends to help you! :) I am sure they are a great support right now.

Nice blog you have here, I'll be back!

Weeble Girl said...

Please stop by my blog and pick up your award,