Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why I write

First, let me say do not judge me on my writing. I have never been a strong writer and I struggle with words. I'm not here to be creative or to have people enjoy reading what I write. I don't care if people even read my blog. I am here for me. I started this blog so I could have a place to write about my feelings and MS. I have such a wonderful support group but no one truly understands how I feel and what I am going through. I have a very dear friend who was diagnosed with MS at about the same time I was. It sucks to have this happen to a close friend but at the same time it is a blessing to have each other. We talk a lot but I sometimes feel that MS is all we talk about. I read someones blog the other day and it was quoting the quote "I might have MS but MS doesn't have me." I feel the same way they do. It does have me and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about it. Now that I have started Rebif I feel like MS is in control of my life. I have my good days where I think positively and then I have my bad days. I know this is true with everyone even if they don't have MS. I am now going through the period of asking why. I just get frustrated to have to give myself shots and have to have my husband help too. I just hate the thought of having to do this for the rest of my life. It pretty much stinks and no one understands unless they are doing it too. They can try to understand but they just won't get it.

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Blindbeard said...

I started my blog for myself too. I was so tired of inspirational crud I wanted a place to spew my own opinion, darn-the-torpedoes-style. You are lucky you have someone close to you who is going through the same thing. Sometimes I felt so... isolated and different from everyone when all I wanted was to be "normal," like everyone else. I get so sick of talking about MS that is bores the crap out of me to have to explain AGAIN to someone what it is and what it is not and blah blah blah. Unless there is a new take or new information, I don't care to go over the same old stuff again and again.