Tuesday, March 31, 2009


My husband and I would like to eventually have another baby. Here's my dilemma: Long story short is I was diagnosed in Oct. 2006 with MS. I didn't start any meds right away because my husband and I were trying to get pregnant. It took us a year and a half to get pregnant, 9 months of being pregnant and then my neurologist let me breastfeed for 2 months before starting Rebif. I have been on Rebif for almost 10 months now. I (knock on wood) am doing wonderful! I have nothing wrong with me and I am thankful for that each and every morning I wake up. I am scared to go off of the Rebif to try to get pregnant because I am worried about what could happen to me. There is a chance that nothing could happen but there is that chance that something could happen. It scares me a lot! I hate how MS is so unpredictable! After trying to get pregnant for a year my midwife put me on clomid and then it only took us 6 months. I need to talk to her about what she might suggest. As soon as we decide to try to make a baby do I start the clomid right away? I need to know what the chances are for multiples using clomid. I really can't do more than one baby at a time. One baby is challenging enough. I can't be off of Rebif for that long. What do I do?

Today I am grateful that my baby (soon to be 1) will be going to the daycare of my choice.

I am also grateful that spring is in the air.

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