Saturday, November 1, 2008


So, I finally got in touch with my neurologist (after playing phone tag for 4 days). I called him to discuss the way I've been feeling with my grumpiness, anger and overwhelmed feelings. Also, to ask if it was okay for me to get the flu shot (FYI: he said yes to the flu shot). He said there were three things we could do: try counseling, go on meds, or stop the Rebif. I knew even before he called me back that I was going to try counseling first. I already had the names of two counselors ready to call. I am not one for medicine. So, to be taking something like Rebif it tough for me. I really don't want to put too much more in my system. I think if I could do some counseling and actually find the time to workout more than twice a week I would be feeling much better.

It's so hard to find time to write and I have so much more to say. I'll try again later this weekend.

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So good that you're reaching out to your doctor about this. Feeling overwhelmed, grumpy, and angry are not pleasant, at all. And maybe a little depressed?

I have benefited greatly by having a counselor. I also benefit greatly by taking an antidepressant (very much benefited). A combination of the two is often recommended and can be quite successful.

Another thing. Since I have a history of depression, I avoided the interferon treatments and chose Copaxone first. If Copaxone didn't work for me, then I would be willing to switch. Just the inkling of a threat of increasing depression was enough for me to shy away from Rebif, Betaseron, and Avonex.

This doesn't mean that your feelings are due to Rebif, but it might be a factor. Make sure that you are getting enough Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D. Low levels can contribute to low mood.

Good luck and keep us posted.